Jun 232010

Veteran British fútbol (soccer) commentator John Helm needs to get his atlas out. Giving the international commentary for the recent FIFA World Cup game between Mexico and Uruguay, he repeatedly described Mexico as being “in Central America.” This is all the more shocking given than Helm was part of the ITV commentary team at the 1986 World Cup matches held in Mexico.

Note to Mr. Helm:

“We love your idiosyncratic commentary on matches, but please get your geography straightened out. Mexico is most definitely in North America, not Central America, unless it’s moved since the last time we opened an atlas.”

To make matters worse, Mexico’s own geography wasn’t too great in the match either. Many shots were way off target, and several passes went straight to the opposition. Mexico lost 1-0, but still advance to the round of 16 where they will face Argentina.


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