Feb 032010

According to Jorge Morfín Stoopen, the director of the Canadian Tourism Commission in Mexico, the number of Mexicans visiting Canada fell by 33% in 2009, compared with the year before. The means that the number of Mexicans visiting Canada fell by about 80,000, with a corresponding drop of Cdn $118 million in tourism-related expenditures.
The drop in tourism comes after a sustained rise of 14% a year between 2003 and 2008.
The main reasons for the fall in Mexican tourists to Canada are:
1. the world economic crisis of 2008-9
2. the effects of the A-H1N1 influenza epidemic and
3. the introduction by Canadian authorities of a visa requirement for tourists from Mexico (and the Czech Republic) as a measure to reduce the numbers of Czech and Mexican arrivals seeking asylum in Canada.
Mexico’s tourism industry is analyzed in detail in chapter 19 of Geo-Mexico, the geography and dynamics of Modern Mexico.


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