Oct 142010

Mexico City is about to become the first city in Latin America where all public schools enjoy free internet access.

The city already has more than 600 “hotspots” offering free Telmex wireless (WiFi) internet access. Telmex is adding an additional 350 locations to this list by the end of this year. Most of the hotspots are located in public spaces and buildings, such as universities, schools, hospitals and shopping centers. The plans for Mexico City hotspots are part of Telmex’s projected nationwide network of 3,000 free hotspots, including all major airports, hospitals, bus stations and universities.

Several major restaurant and hotel chains also offer free WiFi access. The following link may help you plan internet access during your next vacation…

Mexico’s communications, including telephones, the internet and the “digital divide” are discussed in detail in chapter 18 of  Geo-Mexico: the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico.  Buy your copy today to have a handy reference guide to all major aspects of Mexico’s geography!


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