Jan 042011

The harvest of Hass avocados (“green gold”) in Mexico is expected to reach about 1.24 million tons for the 2010/11 season, a 6.4% increase over a year ago. The main producing state is Michoacán, which accounts for 92% of the national crop, earning it the unofficial title of “avocado capital of the world”.

The domestic market will consume 806,000 metric tons (8.45% higher than last year), with the remaining 410,000 tons destined for export markets.

Michoacán supplies 56.7% of the US market, well ahead of California (21.3%) and Chile (22%). Mexico also exports avocados to Central America, Canada, Japan and Europe.

Avocados are Mexico’s fifth most valuable agriculture-related export, after beer, tomatoes, tequila and bell peppers.

[2010/11 figures as reported in La Opinión de Michoacán, 7 Dec 2010]

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