Jun 092012

What does it matter where places are? Well, as I geographer, I have to admit that I have always thought it quite important, especially for a  business exchanging one currency for another. However, apparently ForexTicket [formerly http://www.forexticket.co.uk/] was unconcerned about such details of geography, since its website, which incidentally was a nice design and included a flag of Mexico, got its basic world geography all mixed up:

Mexican Peso

  • iso 4217: MXN
  • Mexico (South America)

Enough said! Now that you’re made it into our Hall of Shame, please consider checking an atlas and revising your website,




  2 Responses to “Foreign Exchange site thinks Mexico is in South America…”

  1. Forexticket is NOT the only one with this problem. Ex.com Currency trader brags on their site of their currency exchanges world wide.
    As an Expat living in Baja, Mexico, I applied and was denied their service. Their excuse was some currency law prohibited them from sending them dollars from my Citi bank account then exchanging dollars to Mexican pesos.
    But Citi bank will transfer directly from my account there to my account with Banamex, albeit at a lower exchange rate.

    Beto Miller

  2. The problem is, people in North America, Europe, and so on often talk about “South America” when they really mean all of Latin America, whether Mexico, Central America, the Spanish-speaking West Indies, or South America – in the same way that, for example, people talk about “England” when they really mean all of Britain (including Scotland and Wales as well), the UK (including Northern Ireland as well), or even the British Isles (including the Republic of Ireland as well).

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