Dec 282009

INEGI figures published at the end of 2009 show that, as of July 2009, Mexico now has 27.2 million internet users (21.7% higher than a year earlier). Nationwide, 7.4 million homes have a computer (26.8% of the total number of homes – this is 4.6% more than in 2008). Of these homes, 5.1 million have an internet connection (18.4% of total, and up 36.4% compared to 2008).
The majority of internet users are youth and young adults (ages 12-34) where 70% have access. Of all internet users, 53% use the internet for education, 40% for games/entertainment; 35% for communication and 30% for work.
Of families with internet, 74.8% (3.9 million homes) have broad band access; the remaining 23.7% still rely on internet via telephone (this method was used by a majority even just 2 years ago).


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