Mar 262010

Geo-Mexico (where you are right now) specializes in bringing you all kinds of “stuff” related to Mexico’s geography. Most days, we think we know which way the Earth is spinning, but now we’re not so sure.

TiGeo México (Tecnologías de la Información Geografica México) “offers products and solutions which facilitate the study of geographical objects for the public and private sectors providing them the opportunity to improve their decision-making,” according to their webpage. It is slightly unfortunate, then, that the globe they have on their flash-driven site is rotating in the wrong direction… (For any geographically-challenged readers, the globe should spin from west to east; think time zones and you’ll get the idea.)

Geo-Mexico has informed TiGeo México of this “minor detail” and waits with interest to see whether the earth’s direction of rotation will be reversed. Hang on tight, everyone, just in case.

Update (8 October 2010): it appears that the TiGeo México webpage – – is no longer being maintained; we sincerely hope that its owners are not spinning backwards through cyberspace.


  One Response to “Geo-Mexico is quietly confident it knows which way the Earth spins”

  1. Great find. Their globe also spins so fast it makes me dizzy. lets check later to see if they reverse their spin. RR

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