This blog supports Geo-Mexico; the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico, the book by Dr. Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton (Sombrero Books 2010). Geo-Mexico is the first book specifically about the geography of the entire country of Mexico, written in English and aimed at an adult audience, ever published!

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The authors

Dr. Richard Rhoda, originally from California, has a PhD in Geography from the University of Iowa. He divided his working career between teaching university geography courses, lecturing on development and urban systems, and directing programs for US Aid in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He is author of a book on development planning, and has published numerous articles in professional journals. He has been a full-time resident of Mexico since 1999, writing and lecturing about many aspects of Mexico’s geography.

Tony Burton, born in the UK, has an MA in Geography from Cambridge University and a teaching qualification from the University of London. He taught in the UK, the Caribbean and Mexico, prior to becoming an independent researcher and educational consultant. He has authored two previous books on Mexico and has written widely on Mexico’s economy, geography, tourism and environmental issues. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he edited the Lloyd Mexican Economic Report for 12 years and recently completed a 6-year term as Chief Examiner in Geography for the International Baccalaureate Organisation.


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