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In a departure from our usual style, this post considers some of the more striking gifts available on the web that would surely please any Geo-Mexico fanatic. (Sadly, we do not receive any commission or recompense for making these recommendations, though we are always open to offers!)

First up is this framed, 5″ x 7″ stainless steel laser-cut map street map of Guadalajara:

Stainless steel, laser-cut map of Guadalajara

Stainless steel, laser-cut map of Guadalajara

Next is this stunning Mexico City Map, by modern artist Jazzberry Blue, reproduced as a Giclée Fine Art Print:

Mexico City street map by Jazzberry Blue

Mexico City street map by Jazzberry Blue

This map is available in four sizes, 13″x13″ (includes a 1″white  border); 17″x17″ (includes a 2″ border); 22″x22″ (includes a 2″ border); and 28″x28″ (includes a 2″ border). There is a similar, though less colorful, map of Guadalajara.

Alternatively, how about this Mexico typography map?

Mexico typography map

Mexico typography map

This more conventional Landform Map of Mexico, drawn by Erwin Raisz, is an absolute classic. Erwin J. Raisz (1893-1968) was an internationally renowned cartographer. The map is a hand drawn, pen and ink map, based on field observations and aerial photography.

raisz-map-mexicoThis incredibly detailed map is a bargain at $12 plus shipping, but is 28″ by 41″ in size and will cost you several times that to frame.

The online gifts site Etsy has many other arts and crafts maps related to Mexico. Which is your favorite?

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  4 Responses to “Unusual maps of Mexico – the perfect gift for Geo-Mexico fanatics!”

  1. I recently returned from three months in the Yucatan and saw beautiful posters produced by Cartográfica. One was named El Mundo Maya and I can’t find the company online to order it. Any leads?

    Thanks for your incredible blog! Emily

  2. Sorry, but we’ve failed to come up with any leads regarding your posters. You may want to try posting the query on one of the forums dedicated to the Yucatan area, or on a general forum such as We appreciate your kind words, TB.

  3. Erwin Raisz’s hand drawn landform maps are absolutely fantastic! Truly works of art. If you like maps and Mexican geography you MUST get that map. They are incredibly accurate and amazingly inviting to look at. Same goes for all of his other maps. Don’t miss these.


  4. Indeed! They are quite without parallel. (And to think that some people think Google Maps are the cat’s whisker).

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