Aug 042023

How is this possible???? The 2023-2024 editions of Mexico’s free textbooks for school students are being roundly and rightly criticized on various fronts. Prepared and published by the Education Ministry (SEP), one of them includes this map:


Map in SEP textbook, 2023 edition

Time to play “Spot the Mistake.” Answer: Map has flipped the names of two states: Guanajuato and Querétaro. Astonishing! How is this possible?

Dear SEP: For future reference, Geo-Mexico is always happy to be contracted to provide proof reading and geography fact-checking…

And, if you thought the map was bad . . . at least it is almost correct, which is more than can be said for this graphic of the Solar System, taken from another 2023-2024 free SEP textbook:

We’re not going to insult the intelligence of our readers by pointing out why this is totally misleading!

To students and teachers everywhere: Have a happy and successful 2023-2024 Academic Year.

  2 Responses to “SEP enters Geo-Mexico’s “Hall of Shame””

  1. A few errors out of how many completely new texts? Assuming five or six per grade, and the time pressures involved, not all that many. Nothing printing and including an errata page to send out can’t correct.

  2. About 230 errors per book, considering the current low levels of education delivery and quality, this diminishes ever more the skills development of children and youth curtailing their opportunities and horizons.
    In addition to the specific conceptual errors in science, there are many others:
    – Reduction of reading and writing practice and process, never mind the breath and depth of literature. For example, the classics are completely missing in the books. This prevents from learning different types of literature and ways of thinking, and also diminishes the cognitive process
    – Didactic processes in which everything is mechanical preventing students to understand the process. For example, the maths processes are designed only to memorise but not to understand why basic formulas were design the way they are.

    In addition, the procedure to elaborate these books and to replace the former ones did not follow the education law nor pedagogical guidelines.
    Furthermore, teachers were not consulted and only started to have access to the books 2-3 weeks before lessons were to start. Three weeks on, still many schools and teachers do not have the books!

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