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The Geneva-based International Organization for Migration (IOM) recently released The World Migration Report 2010.

According to the IOM, more people have migrated from Mexico than from any other country in the world. 10.1 million Mexicans now live outside their homeland, equivalent to about 9% of the current national population. Even more Mexicans would be living in the USA and Canada, if it were not for the recent world economic problems.

After Mexico, the main “exporters” of people are Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, El Salvador, Brazil, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Peru. The IMO estimates that 26.6 million people born in Latin America or the Caribbean currently reside outside their country of birth. Combined, these migrants account for about 15% of the world’s total international migrants, and send 64.7 billion dollars a year back to their respective home countries.

The Mexico-USA migration flow is the world’s most important bi-national flow. According to the IOM, 9.3 million “born in Mexico” Mexicans currently live in the USA. Remittances sent home by Mexicans working outside the country totaled 21.2 billion dollars in 2009, a drop of 15.7% from 2008.

And how do Mexicans cross the border?

We will examine this question in more detail in the New Year, but for now (thanks to Frank Koughan and his Burro Hall blog) we share the view of the UK’s Daily Mail, which in Exodus: After thousands of deaths, citizens finally give up and flee Mexico’s most violent city, Juarez, seriously suggests that droves of violence-torn Ciudad Juárez residents are fleeing each day for El Paso, Texas – by plane!

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