Mar 222014

Mexico’s National Statistics Institute (INEGI) has begun collecting data for the 2014 Economic Census. The census, held every 5 years, surveys the estimated 5.7 million business places throughout the country, excluding only those used for agricultural, forestry and fishing operations, or exclusively for informal business activities.

Economic census 201425,000 trained census takers are now systematically covering all urban areas, together with a representative sample of rural areas, gathering data such as type and sector of operation, number of workers, educational levels, fixed assets and use of information technology.For the first time, companies can opt to enter data directly via a webpage.

Preliminary census results will be released in December this year, with more detailed tables released in stages between July and December 2015.

The Economic Census is held every five years. The results of previous economic censuses (2009, 2004, 1999, 1994, etc) can be accessed via the INEGI website.

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