Jun 302010

Reviewing Geo-Mexico blog statistics, we have found some curious search phrases. In each case, when these phrases were entered into a famous leading search engine, a Geo-Mexico page appeared in the results, and someone, somewhere, followed that link to reach our humble site. Here are our current favorite “top ten”:

  • 10. gender basis in mexico [is there an expectation that there is something distinctive in this regard in Mexico?]
  • 9. www.indonesian coffee exporter.com [an interesting mix of web search and url search]
  • 8. ancient mariners map north arrow design [we like our north arrow design, thank you, and don’t mind being called “mariners”, but do not consider ourselves “ancient”, at least not yet]
  • 7. the local economy [what one expects from this search, we’re not sure, but we’re delighted they found us!]
  • 6. any irish people in Toluca Mexico [presumably looking for the links, which genuinely do exist, between Toluca, the Irish and the potato famine]
  • 5. what changed in mexico [lack of temporal or spatial qualifiers makes this a tough question to answer]
  • 4. why is shopping quality improves geography [we really do believe that our blog can improve geography, but we’re not so sure about shopping quality]
  • 3. total 2010 birth rate for mexico [given that we’re only in June, maybe the last six months of this year will be birth-free?]
  • 2. how long is mexico [another interesting question – this is actually the commonest query in our current “top ten”]
  • 1. full size map of mexico [sadly, we don’t yet have one of these on our site…]

While Geo-Mexico: the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico can’t answer all of those search inquiries, it does have loads of fascinating information about Mexico, some of it guaranteed to be very useful in trivia competitions. Buy your copy today!!


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