Aug 242010

According to the 1.5 million votes cast in a Televisión Azteca survey in 2007 (published in the always interesting glossy magazine mexicanísimo), the top 13 natural wonders in Mexico are (in no particular order):

  • The Copper Canyon region (Chihuahua)
  • The El Cielo Biosphere Reserve (Sierra Madre Occidental, Tamaulipas)
  • The Sumidero Canyon (Chiapas)
  • Cuatro Ciénegas oasis (Chihuahuan desert)
  • El Arrecifal coral reef ecological park (Veracruz)
  • El Pinacate desert (Sonora)
  • The Monarch Butterfly reserves (Michoacán)
  • The agave landscapes surrounding Tequila (Jalisco)
  • The Centla wetlands (Tabasco)
  • The Peña de Bernal monolith (Querétaro)
  • The Basalt Prisms of San Miguel Regla (Hidalgo)
  • The Sótano de las Golondrinas sinkhole (San Luis Potosí)
  • Xel-Há marine park (Quintana Roo)
Tarahumar woman and child, by waterfall in the Copper Canyon

Tarahumar woman and child, by waterfall in the Copper Canyon. Photo: Tony Burton. All rights reserved.

Also ranked highly were

  • Cerro de la Silla (Nuevo León)
  • Estero de Palo Verde (Colima)
  • Loltún caverns (Yucatán)
  • Mexcaltitán Island (Nayarit)

We will describe each of these geographical treasures in more detail in future posts.

How many of these places have you visited?

What other places do you think should be on this list?

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