Jan 272010

Geo-Mexico has 31 chapters:
 1 The dynamics of Mexican geography
2 Earthquakes and volcanoes
3 Relief and landforms
4 Land of diverse climates
5 Ecosystems and biodiversity
6 Water availability, rivers and aquifers
7 Water issues and hazards
8 Population decline, followed by population explosion
9 The dynamics of population growth
10 Indigenous peoples
11 The geography of religion
12 The changing political map of Mexico
13 Mexico’s cultural landscape
14 Economic activity: is Mexico a world player?
15 Agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining
16 Manufacturing, construction and services
17 Transportation: the movement of people and goods
18 Communications: the movement of information and ideas
19 Tourism and development
20 Mexico and the world economy
21 500-year transition to an urban society
22 The internal geography of Mexico’s cities
23 Urban issues, problems and trends
24 Rural Mexico and rural-urban interactions
25 Migration within Mexico
26 Migration to the USA
27 Mexicans in the USA
28 Quality of life in Mexico compared to other countries
29 Variations in quality of life within Mexico
30 Environmental trends and issues
31 What does the future hold?


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