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Mexico’s 2010 census found that 961,121 individuals living in Mexico had been born outside the country. In 2000 there were only about half as many (492,617). The 2010 figure is less than 1% of Mexico’s total population of 112 million. (Compare Canada where 21% are foreign-born and USA where 13% are foreign born). Of the total number of foreign-born residents in Mexico, 76.6% were born in the USA. Sadly, INEGI has not released any information relating to the country of birth of current residents who were born in countries other than the USA.

The map below shows the total number of foreign-born residents for each state.

Map of foreign-born residents of Mexico in 2010

Foreign-born residents of Mexico in 2010. Credit: Tony Burton/Geo-Mexico.

As can be seen on the map, the states with most foreigners are Baja California (about 123,000), Jalisco (84,000), Chihuahua (80,000), the Federal District (72,000) and Tamaulipas. The two states with fewest are Tlaxcala and Tabasco. (These are absolute numbers, and are heavily influenced by the relative size of each state).

Which states experienced the largest increases in foreigners between 2000 and 2010? The number of foreigners grew fastest in those states with relatively few foreigners in 2000, namely Hidalgo (up 402% over the decade), Tlaxcala (333%), Tabasco (281%), and Veracruz and Oaxaca (both with 272%).

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  3 Responses to “Where do most foreigners live in Mexico?”

  1. This is a fantastic visual look at how many foreigners are currently in Mexico. It’s interesting to see the breakdown of where foreigners have settled down in Mexico, I would’ve thought that there would be more expats in Campeche and the surrounding area. I’m referencing this on my blog for potential expats thinking of moving to Mexico (expatsinmex.com).

  2. Thanks for the kind words; glad you like the map. Campeche is certainly a “sleeper” in terms of expat locations, though it is important to bear in mind that the map shows total numbers of foreigners in each state. Any state that is smaller in area (or indeed total population), such as Campeche, Colima etc, will almost certainly have fewer foreigners in total, even if foreigners make up a significant proportion of the state – for the “% foreigner” stats, see http://geo-mexico.com/?p=4031

  3. This is a great map me and my family moved here meaning me my hubby and mom because hubby doesnt have papers and has 20 years deportation now we ended up settling in Playas De Rosarito which is a beautiful place to live 3 bd 2 bth fully furnished with direct tv included for $550.00 a month thats right kids five hundred and fifty dollars a month and a walk to the beach and 20 minutes to the border lovin it and no drug problems never seen a drug deal or a street walker in 3 yrs and im originally from Washington,D,C so ive seen a lot of both in my time just a great place to live

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