Jan 012010

Richard Rhoda, PhD Geographer and Ajijic resident since 1999, has directed major development programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as authored a book on development planning. In addition to teaching several university level geography courses and publishing numerous articles in professional journals, Rhoda has delivered scores of lectures on such topics as modern Mexico, development, urban systems, migration, environment and demography.

Tony Burton is a geographer, naturalist and author whose passion is Mexico, especially the Lake Chapala area. Burton, who lived full time in Mexico for 17 years, is author of countless articles on the geography, history and ecology of Mexico as well as two books, the very popular Western Mexico, A Traveller’s Treasury and Lake Chapala through the Ages, an Anthology of Travelers’ Tales, a fascinating collection of more than fifty first-hand accounts of the Chapala area spanning the period 1530 to 1910. He also designed and produced the full-color “Lake Chapala Maps,” much emulated but never surpassed!

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