Apr 042010

The recent (2010) Elton John concert at Chichen Itza provides an ideal case-study for discussion in geography classes. Events such as this concert are a great starting point for a debate about the benefits and drawbacks of using world-famous archaeological or cultural sites as the setting for concerts by major modern international music stars.


  • $$$ paid directly by event organizers
  • $$$ paid by visiting concert-goers (“concert tourists”?) for hotels, food and transportation
  • free promotion for the site in world press and media


  • shows little respect for indigenous (Mayan) culture; the Maya consider the site a ceremonial center
  • many of the $$$ end up outside Mexico in the main offices of multi-national hotel chains and foreign airlines
  • ticket prices of $80—$800 (dollars), which most local residents are unable to afford, make this an elitist event

After those initial suggestions, it’s over to you… Readers are hereby invited to add their own suggestions of other benefits and drawbacks. Please do this via the comments section below this post.  (Click here if the comments section is not currently visible.)

So, what other factors should be taken into account before reaching an evaluation of whether or not such events are a good idea?

What do YOU think?

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