Dec 292015

This short video, by Enrique de la Cruz and Tarsicio Sañudo, shows the spectacular inland scenery of the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. The highlights are views of the Sumidero Canyon (near Tuztla Gutierrez, the state capital) and then some magnificent shots of the Lagunas Montebello, near the border with Guatemala, and the river scenery of Agua Azul.

This video is apparently the start of a collaborative effort between PostandFly and photographic director Enrique de la Cruz to generate additional audiovisual resources utilizing new technologies such as drones. We will be keeping our eyes open in the New Year for more.

Want to learn more about Chiapas? A good starting point is our very own Chiapas Map and Index Page, which has links to articles about the geography of the indigenous Lacandon Indians, poverty and inequality, musical instruments, tourism, agriculture, tectonic hazards, and lots more.

Sadly, my one and only trip so far to the Lagunas Montebello was cut short by a vehicle malfunction. At least I was still able to make my way out of the park and back to civilization before nightfall! Presumably cell phones now work in the park, so such adventures are probably a thing of the past.

May you have lots of your own adventures in Mexico in 2016, and always return safely!

Happy New Year to all our readers!

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  4 Responses to “The scenery of Chiapas in southern Mexico”

  1. Glad I watched that…. it really is extraordinary.

    Thanks very much for this site.

  2. My goodness we were just in Chiapas for Christmas and the New year. We camped at Parque Natural Ecoturístico Tziscao and paid 50 pesos per night each for the privilege. We also took a quick drive to the border with Guatemala and walked over and bought a few things. No INM or police in sight!
    This area of Chiapas is stunningly beautiful and everybody was very pleasant and helpful. Worth the drive from Monterrey.

  3. I feel compelled to add the website of where we stayed.
    I was able to have some very interesting conversations about the stresses and strains faced by the local Ejido systems.
    We also went to the (La) Barra Zacapulco, Acapetahua, Chiapas on the Pacific another Ejido.
    Super super super..

  4. Thanks for that link. Looks like a great place to stay. The link for the English language version of the site is

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