Jun 152010

Want to show off your Spanish language skills? Try learning this Spanish-language tongue-twister related to San Juan Parangaricutiro, a town that was destroyed by Paricutín Volcano:

El arzobispo de Parangaricutirimícuaro
se quiere desarzobispoparangaricutirimicuarizar
¡el que lo desarzobispoparangaricutirimicuarizare,
un buen desarzobispoparangaricutirimicuarizador será!

The inhabitants of San Juan Parangaricutiro won a UN Development Prize.

For a more detailed account of the history of the volcano, and of the considerable architectural attractions of the village of Angahuan, including its superb church, read chapter 35 of Western Mexico: A Traveler’s Treasury (Sombrero Books 2013).

Original article, as published on MexConnect

Paricutín Volcano is discussed in chapter 2 of Geo-Mexico: the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico; a local sustainable forestry project (at San Juan Parangaricutiro) is examined in chapter 15.

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