Jul 162010

The table shows the 10 states which receive the highest total remittances.

RankStateRemittances ($ millions), 2005
4State of México1,675
7Federal District1,452
States receiving the most remittances (highest value)

States receiving the most remittances (highest value). Click to enlarge. All rights reserved.

The data show very clearly that all the states receiving high total amounts of remittances are in the southern half of Mexico.

(a) What factors might explain this pattern?

(b) Compare this map with a map of the states with highest per person remittances. Why are some states only shown on one of the maps, and not on the other?

(c) Find a table showing the total population of each state in Mexico. To what extent do the total population figures for each state help to explain whether or not they are in the top 10 states for receiving remittances?

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