Aug 192010

The table shows the 10 states in Mexico which have the fewest inhabitants.

RankStatePopulation (2005)Population (2010 census)
1Baja California Sur512,170637,065
7Quintana Roo1,135,3091,324,257
Map of least populous states

The smallest states in Mexico (by population). Click to enlarge. All; rights reserved

(a) Can you suggest any characteristics which many of these small states might share? (not counting, obviously, their small population!)

(b) What implications might a relatively small population have for a state, and for its economy and administration?

(c) What geographic and historical factors might help to explain why some states have only a relatively small population?

(d) Which two states exchanged their rank positions between 2005 and 2010? Can you suggest why this might have occurred?

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