Jul 172011

Update: New Durango-Mazatlán highway officially open (Oct 2013)

Update: October 2012: Despite earlier claims that the Durango-Mazatlán highway would be completed before the end of this year, government officials have now confirmed that the highway will not be finished, and will not open, until sometime in 2013.

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In Durango recently, Dionisio Pérez Jácome, Mexico’s Communications and Transportation Secretary, stated that the new Durango-Mazatlán highway is “80% completed” and “on schedule to be opened in the second half of next year” (2012) (Milenio online, 15 July 2011)

The new highway, first proposed more than a decade ago, will have cost about 1.2 billion dollars to complete. The new highway has more than 60 tunnels and 115 bridges, including the amazing Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge which will be Latin America’s longest cable-stayed bridge when opened. Some sections of the new highway have had their first annual maintenance to repair potholes and ensure that the road surface is in perfect condition for next year’s formal inauguration.

The highway will speed up overland transport from the Pacific Ocean port of Mazatlán to the northern border towns of Reynosa and Matamoros, bringing numerous economic benefits to many parts of northern Mexico.


  4 Responses to “The Durango-Mazatlán highway in Mexico should open in 2012”

  1. Please advise a date certain as to the completion of the road from
    Durango to Mazatlan. I have driven the Devil’s Elbow several times
    and am looking forward to the new road.

    I really congratulate Mexico for the road system.


    Bill Emerson

  2. does anyone know if the highway is 100% complete and open for travel. I am driving from Texas to Mazatlan Oct, 1,2012

  3. Not quite, but almost… and unlikely to be open before you leave, but watch this space for updates.

  4. We are planning a trip from Texas to Mazatlan in Dec. 2012. It would be great if someone could inform us when the new cuota is usable for the entire route. TB or anyone else let us know. Thanks in advance

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