Sep 282012

According to local press reports, Mexico’s Tourism Minister Gloria Guevara has confirmed that Mexico’s Magic Towns program is being considered for adoption by several other countries. Mexican tourism officials are reportedly advising their counterparts in El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile how best to implement the program, which is designed to boost “cultural tourism”, usually to lesser-known, non-resort destinations. The program provides federal government help to improve tourist-related infrastructure and publicity.

Mexico’s own Magic Towns program now has 57 members, and the number shows no sign of slowing down, despite repeated claims by tourism officials that the program was to end this year.

In theory, Magic Towns should have local culture, handicrafts, architecture, festivals, gastronomy or traditions that offer a significant attraction for “sustainable” tourism. In practice, some of the places on the list, especially some of the more recent entries, are of dubious merit. As I’ve suggested in some previous posts, the Magic Towns program appears to be outliving its usefulness.

In a future post, we will take a closer look at the current distribution of Mexico’s Magic Towns.

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  2 Responses to “Mexico’s Magic Towns program going international”

  1. You are saying the designation of Loreto as a Puebla Majica is “of dubious merit”? That is your opinion, and not a good one in the estimation of many fine people. It is frankly insulting and unwarranted. Baja Sur is a bit different from mainland Mexico, part of Mexico and yet separate as Alaska is part of the US but separate. Baja Sur is much younger and without the rich euro-tradition and architecture, but Baja is the “Jewell in the Crown of Mexico”, rustic and charming with natural beauty bio-diversity that exceeds anywhere else in Mexico. Perhaps you should rethink you personal criteria as “limited and archaic”.

  2. I understand where your viewpoint came from, but actually, that wasn’t what was intended. I have written on several occasions about the considerable attractions of Baja California Sur – see, for example, here, here, here and here! I share your view that it has considerable charm. and have added a parentheses to make our viewpoint crystal clear. Thanks for bringing this unintended lack of clarity to our attention.

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