Aug 302012

Veteran blogger Matt Osborne has unearthed a real gem! This 1977 BBC documentary was the tenth episode of The Age of Uncertainty, John Kenneth Galbraith’s history of economic thought. In this episode, Galbraith examines the economics of poverty and inequality.

The section of greatest interest to Geo-Mexico readers is his overview of the changing relationships between land and people in Mexico from precolonial times to the 1970s. [This ten minute segment starts at minute 4:33 of the video].

Galbraith does confuse his Teotihuacanos with his Aztecs, and clearly many things have changed since 1977, but this video is a great and straightforward introduction to the complex issues of land resources and population, suitable as the starting point for many discussions at high school or college level about land clearance, the financing of land improvement, the Green Revolution, population growth and social organization.

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  2 Responses to “J.K. Galbraith talks about Mexico’s poverty and inequality”

  1. This story is extreme well written; John Kenneth Galbraith’s documentry very revealing and educational. This is must-read and must-see web site.

    Thank you for all your good work and helping us become better informed. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and we hope you will continue to enjoy posts, and recommend us to friends and colleagues, TB.

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